FISA advances with Alternative Milk Formulas

One of the most challenging aspects of our business is creating products that meet the latest consumer health trends while ensuring stable and economical formulas that taste great. One of the hottest trends to hit our Development Team over the last couple years is Alternative Milks. Many consumers are trading over from traditional dairy to alternative plant-based products for a variety of reasons, namely, vegan diets, sensitivity to dairy/lactose, or the adherence to diet programs that prohibit dairy milk consumption.

Popular Alt Milks include almond, cashews, rice, soy, pea, coconut, hemp and most recently oat milk. Each of these alternatives provides different nutritional benefits, taste profiles and dietary solutions. On the other hand, they also provide different challenges in formulation, specifically:

  1. Flavor
  2. Formula Stability
  3. Mouthfeel
  4. Frothing potential and stability when combined with coffee acidity (for the Baristas)
  5. Designing formulas to meet our customer’s production capabilities

FISA has spent countless time on formulating all types of Alt Milks with the majority of time dedicated to ensuring formula stability through the UHT process. Considering the high pH of Alt Milk formulas, almost all are packed in aseptic Tetra Pak and/or processed through UHT conditions. Secondly, FISA works to cover unwanted flavor notes from the plant sources and deliver a mouthfeel, consistency, and taste that resembles real dairy milk.

“The only way to become truly great at formulating Alt Milks is continuous trial and error and partnering with the right industry specialists,” says Ricardo Henriquez, Director of R&D at FISA. “We have looked to processing and stabilizer specialists to help us design Alt Milk formulas that meet our customer needs. More often than not, we do not succeed in Round 1, but we get it on Round 2 or 3. These sensitive formulas take time.”

Putting the formulation challenges aside, we know the Alt Milk category will continue to advance and grow by delivering new innovations to consumers. FISA is positioned strongly to be your formulation and supply partner for all things Alt Milk. If you would like more info on our Alt Milk solutions or if you would like FISA to participate in your Alt Milk projects, please contact Alex Stanziola at



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